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Episode Summary

What is NeuroMeditation? Michaela Conley interviews Dr. Jeff Tarrant

Episode Notes

What is NeuroMeditation, Michaela Conley interviews Dr. Jeff Tarrant, the Director of the NeuroMeditation Institute. His work focuses on combining technology-based interventions with meditation for improved mental health and wellness. He is author of the book, “Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain,” a licensed psychologist and board certified in neurofeedback.

I am always in search of new opportunities to learn.  I was excited in late 2019 to find the NeuroMeditation Institute and Dr. Jeff Tarrant who offers several training opportunities for those in yoga, coaching and mental health.  When the pandemic shut down all in person training opportunities Jeff pivoted to offering everything online.  More than a year later as the pandemic winds down and the opportunity to return to whatever our new normal is.  I've continued to pursue learning opportunities through NMI and other related areas of interest.  I'm so glad to have Jeff as my first podcast guest after a long absence from the interviewing world.